“Addiction is the opposite of connection”- Johanna Hari

“Addiction is a misguided solution to a problem.” Sue Brown, LCSW

Addiction is a disease that changes brain functioning. It is about feeling at dis-ease. It is not about having enough will power to stop or having something wrong with you. Addiction tends to start out slow, socially, to check out and than it becomes a progressive illness

Have you ever felt out of control?
That you aren’t enough?
Struggle with perfectionism?
Has your addiction allowed you to feel less of that?


  • Loss of control over use
  • Using more than intended
  • Difficulty reducing
  • Significant time obtaining, using, and recovering
  • Continue behavior even when you know it leads to a path of destruction
  • Risky use
  • Social/family/occupational problems
  • Physical effects
  • Cravings
  • Tolerance
  • Withdraws